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Nominate: Sickle Cell

We’re honored to be partnering with SLR Consulting as part of their annual MLK Day of Service. They give their employees a paid day off to volunteer and do community service projects. Don’t you LOVE that?!

Our cards2warriors program will be one of the virtual volunteering options available to the SLR employees. They will be making cards for those living with sickle cell diseases and sending them to us to distribute to our patient warriors!

We’re currently taking nominations of sickle cell warriors for this event! ♥️ You can nominate a warrior here.

Please note that all no personal information will be shared with the employee team volunteers other than first name and age of the warriors they make cards for (this allows them to personalize the message for the recipient).

All cards made on January 17th as part of MLK Day of Service will be mailed to Chronic Warriors Org where they will receive address labels and be mailed the first of February as part of our You are Loved support campaign.


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