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 Join our mission to send 100,000 cards of support to patients with long-term illnesses


Cards sent to date

An illness warrior holds up a Cards2Warriors card

"Cards2Warriors has been one of the best supports I have had. It seems incredible but the cards arrive when I need them most and make me feel accompanied and understood by those friends who, like me, are fighting a horrible disease."

— Eimeé A, Mexico

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A woman smiles in front of a floral background. She is wearing a green polka dot top and holding her small chihuahua

"These cards have been such a life-line. They have given me hope and kept me going in times of darkness. I can't thank you all enough."

- Rachel H

A grown woman with long dark brown hair, a pink top and a white blazer smiles at the camera.

“Having a chronic illness feels so endlessly isolating. The cards made me feel seen, and remembered and brought me so much comfort. I cried at every one I received.” - Noelle L

A person sits in their car with their seatbelt on, smiling at the camera. They are wearing a black baseball cap, clear glasses, and a septum piercing.

“Every time I receive a card, I feel like someone cares and the immense pressure of my isolation lets up. I am reminded that someone out there is rooting for me and my spirits are lifted! :)”

- Milo

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Bring joy to a patient who needs it the most

For less than the price of a latte, you can send TWO cards to illness warriors.

Meet the sponsors who make our work possible!

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Our story

“When my daughter, Sadie, was diagnosed with chronic illness and rare disease at age 4, our worlds were forever altered. She’s 19 now and over the years, we’ve met countless illness warriors, dedicated parents and families, and supportive siblings who were forced into an unpredictable lifestyle driven by the impact of illness..."

Happy Little Girl
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