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A young girl sits in a wheel chair laughing, while a man leans over and is helping put on a strap.
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Join our Happy Mail Program to receive cards of hope

As a caregiver, you are the hero who willingly makes the necessary sacrifices to ensure that your loved one has the care and treatment they need. We see you and know that you need support and encouragement too. With our Happy Mail, we hope to brighten your days and deliver some cheer, right to your mailbox!

What you need to know:


Our programs are FREE to all recipients!


We send specialty cards approximately 5 times a year.


By signing up, you’ll be added to our database of recipients that we pull from each time we send out a specialty card. Signing up does NOT guarantee that you will get a card every time, as the number of cards sent varies by the number of sponsors and funding.


You will receive an email from us every quarter asking you to confirm your current mailing address. Verifying your information EACH time will give you a better chance at receiving our Happy Mail… especially for our international warriors!


If you LOVE getting mail and want to guarantee that you’ll receive a card every time, see the information below.

Are you or someone you love experiencing extremely difficult and atypical times? Click here to learn about our Warriors in Crisis program.

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How to get a specialty card every time

As much as we would love to send a card to every warrior, every time, we do not have the funding to do so, especially for our thousands of international warriors.

At the request of our recipients, we created a way for you to make a small donation and receive all of our specialty cards each year (and help some fellow warriors receive a card, too).

Become a Zebra or Dazzle sponsor to receive a specialty card every time.


Special perks for our warriors

Our generous sponsors have these special discounts for you

Image of TookTake labels.

20% off Tooktake with code: WARRIORS

  • How often will I receive a card?
    We send special-themed cards 5 times throughout the year. Signing up for our Happy Mail program makes you eligible to receive these cards, but does not guarantee the timing. Recipients are randomized and you always have a chance to receive one! The number of cards sent depends on the funding available each time.
  • How many of your cards are sent internationally?
    At this time, we send 10% of our cards internationally. We are actively seeking postage sponsors so we can increase that percentage!
  • I am going through a really hard time right now, can I get a card ASAP?
    If you are experiencing extremely difficult and atypical times, you can nominate yourself for our Warriors in Crisis program here.
  • How can I get a card every time you send them?
    With a donation, you can become a Zebra ($5/mo or $50/Year) or Dazzle Club Member ($10/mo or $100/Year) and guarantee that YOU receive all 5 of our specialty cards for the year (plus a bonus card)!
  • Can I buy a Zebra or Dazzle membership on behalf of someone else?
    Absolutely! Be sure to include their name and email address during checkout.
  • Can I send mail or just receive mail?
    If you are an illness warrior who loves sending and receiving mail, you can sign up for our Warrior Card Swap Program where you can send mail to brighten a fellow warrior’s day or to make a friend/pen pal (this is open to illness warriors only!)
  • Who will see my information?
    Your information is kept in a secure database where only three of our team members have access. We do NOT share identifying personal info with anyone. If ever you receive a handwritten card that is personalized for you, the volunteer was only given your first name, age, and fun facts that you included when you signed up.
  • I signed up but haven’t received a card yet?
    Most of our cards go out once per quarter, so if you signed up right after we sent a big batch of specialty cards out, it could be a few months before you receive a card. However, we have random cards going out all the time though, so you never quite know when you might receive one!
  • I signed up for snail mail and received a digital card?
    Whenever we send out a special themed card, we have a digital version created that we email or text to all of our warriors who did not receive a snail mail card that time. This way, everyone gets a reminder that they are not alone in their journey!
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