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Nominate a warrior in crisis

A strong warrior with brown hair sits in a hospital bed with many tubes connected, an eye patch over her right eye, and an oxygen mask on.

Know a warrior who is REALLY struggling and needs a bit of extra support, encouragement or cheer? 

Our Warriors in Crisis program is available, by nomination process, to deliver messages of hope and encouragement during those times when living with an illness brings one too many challenges, making life feel hopeless or impossible to face.


This program is for those struggling beyond the normal chaotic unpredictability of life affected by illness. Times such as:

  • A new diagnosis

  • Loss of a service animal

  • Major surgery

  • Medical trauma

If you/your nominee is NOT in crisis, please sign up for our Happy Mail program here to receive our specialty cards throughout the year.

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How it works


Fill out this form to nominate yourself or someone else


Please watch your email. We will notify you when your nominee has been approved and when the process has been completed. We may reach out for additional information.


Once completed, the nominee will remain in our database for our Happy Mail program and eligible to receive random support cards moving forward.

Please note:

  • You will be asked to enter an email address and date of birth for the nominee. All confirmation emails will go to YOU, the nominator, for this program.

  • The number of cards your recipient will receive varies by our number of active volunteers, current funding, and approved nominees we have at any given time throughout the year. 

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

A photograph of about 20 hand made and printed cards sit on a table.

Our amazing Card Crew members are ready and excited to send personalized messages of hope to let nominated warriors know that they are not alone with a bit of encouragement meant to be some wind beneath their wings to keep them flying. We know that we are always stronger together!

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