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May the fur be with you

May the Fur be with you ALWAYS!!
Our newest support card celebrates our fur babies and Star Wars Day: May the 4th!

Created by our local artist, Katrina Constantine (@kickingcones on IG), this card will delight the hearts of Star Wars-lovers, animal-lovers, and pun-lovers alike!

Mailed to you in “Jedi-robe” brown envelopes, this card is filled with Star Wars references (for the diehard fans) and puns. We hope you love it as much as we love sending it to you! And remember… we are with you ALWAYS!!

May the fur be with you card. Featuring baby yoda, a dog, and a cat.

Star Wars references: (did you catch them all?)

  • May the fur be with you ALWAYS… May the Force be with you Always.

  • Grogu (aka baby yoda) is from The Mandalorian show.

  • Kindness quote is from a scene in Rebels, Season 1 Episode 2, where Bail Organa is talking to Kanan.

  • “Hello there!” and “Dropping in” are references to a scene in Revenge of the Sith where Obi Wan drops down into a group of battle droids, led by General Grievous, and says “hello there” before beginning to fight them all.

  • “This is the way” is what some Mandalorian say to one another and sums up the code they live by.

  • “These are not the dogs you’re looking for” is a punny reference to the line “These are not the droids you’re looking for” which was said by Obi Wan Kenobi to a Storm Trooper who was looking for C3PO and R2D2 units in A New Hope.

  • "The fur is strong with this one” is a punny reference to the well known line “The Force is strong with this One” (originally spoken by Darth Vader about Luke Skywalker). The extra furry Chewbacca dog is a Wookiee, so of course the fur is strong with him!

  • On the insert: it is titled Bark Wars instead of Star Wars.

  • The opening scroll is a classic feature in the original Star Wars movies (aka The Skywalker Saga). We modeled ours after the opening scroll in Episode 4: A New Hope.

This card is signed by the artist and 4 warriors who are diehard Star Wars fans! Keep scrolling to meet them!

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Meet the artist


Known for her signature penguins, Katrina Constantine creates adorable animal artwork with a quick wit that makes everyone smile… or think… or both! Katrina much prefers dogs to humans… and with this card, she gets to celebrate them in the most creative way for Star Wars Day.. all while sending hope and cheer to her fellow warriors around the globe! 😉

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Meet the Warriors who signed your card

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