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May the fur be with you

¡Estamos emocionados de compartir nuestra primera tarjeta de cuidador en español! ¡Gracias a Liz, nuestra rara mamá multilingüe, estamos enviando esta tarjeta para colmar a nuestros cuidadores de habla hispana con mucho amor!


¡Cada tarjeta tiene una calcomanía de corazón para recordarle al destinatario que es visto y amado!

We are excited to share our next Caregiver Card in Spanish! Thanks to Liz, our multi-lingual rare mom, we we are sending out this card to shower our Spanish-speaking caregivers with lots of love!

Image of caregiver spanish card. The card's headline is "Eres todo eso... y aún más!"

Covered with hearts, this design by Rebecca is meant to show much love to our caregivers! Each card has a rainbow sticker to remind the recipient that they are loved!

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Meet the artist


Rebecca is a former Primary school Teacher and published children’s author. She is particularly passionate about mental health. Overcoming anxiety and low self-esteem in the past has given Rebecca the insight and perspective to know the words that other warriors need to hear most! Rebecca believes that the right words can drive positive change, and as such, her creations always contain positive and motivating wording, and inspirational messages. Quite often, she wakes in the morning with a new verse or phrase in her mind, and jots them in a notebook, ready to make into a new card. Needless to say, the notebook is becoming very full!

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Meet the Warriors who signed your card

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