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Xmas in July

Hi and welcome to our lighthearted Christmas in July celebration!
Check out this adorable art collaboration between Jess Albert and Stephie Noldt! Don’t you love it?! 🙂

The card represents the northern and southern hemispheres… where it is warm, beach weather in the northern… and cold, wintery weather in the southern hemisphere.
And it’s true… Gnome matter where you live, we are here to support you along your health odyssey… sending bits of encouragement and cheer to remind you that you are NOT alone!

Xmas in July Card. Featuring a gnome on the beach and a second gnome in a snowy environment.
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Meet the artist

Stephanie + Jess

Jess has been drawing since the time she could hold a crayon. Landscapes and flowers are her specialty. Stephie is our gnome specialist! Since she's from Germany, we figure she has inside knowledge of these mischievous creatures. 😉 Click the link below to learn more about them and/or connect with them.

Read more about Stephie

Read more about Jess


Meet the Warriors who signed your card

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