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You are loved

“I wanted this card design to spread cheerfulness and represent our warrior community, which is why some of these friendly hearts have visible or invisible chronic illnesses or disabilities. For example some warriors wear sunglasses because of light sensitivity, and the sunflower is a global symbol for hidden disabilities. There’s also a heart with an ostomy bag and a zebra heart to represent rare diseases. The hearts holding hands represent our amazing caretakers and everyone else who supports us. And of course the letter stands for our card swap and, more generally, for us warriors connecting all over the world to fight the isolation that often comes with chronic illness. We’re not alone!”  — Stephie

You Are Loved Card. Featuring a large red heart with a band-aid on it and colorful hearts inside.
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Meet the artist


Stephie is a chronic pain warrior (debilitating chronic headaches) who uses her art to encourage others. She loves drawing and crafting, reading and sending cards for the card swap and participating in the card crew. Stephie is a former librarian who LOVES books!

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Meet the Warriors who signed your card

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