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Illness can be spooky

It’s that time of year again… pumpkin spice, jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, costumes, and trick-or-treating. To spread a bit of Fall cheer, we are sending out these adorable cards created by warrior artist, Stephie. Don’t you love those ghosts? So cute!

We know that life with an illness can be scary and chronic pain makes it exponentially spookier. That’s why we wanted to send the message that YOU are not alone! We are all here to support each other!

Illness Can Be Scary card. Featuring a haunted house with ghosts of pain, meds, and isolation.

Each card comes with a pain tracker created by warrior artist, Jess. You can use it to track pain or any other symptom that you deal with daily. Learn more here. Turn your days into mini works of art!

We are especially grateful to our sponsors who make these cards possible! Please share photos of your card on social media and be sure to thank these sponsors when you post! TY!

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Meet the artist


Stephie created this card to be a bit spooky but with a cute vibe...because she knows that facing life with a long-term illness can be very scary. The ghosts represent many of the scary parts of illness including medications, diagnoses, and pain. To learn about the pain tracker (which can be used to track any symptoms), please click on the link above.

Read more about Stephie


Meet the Warriors who signed your card

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