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2021 Summer Internship for College Students

Hi! We’re seeking interns who are organized, can lead a small group, are good communicators, and can work a minimum of 5 hours per week. (approx 30 min/day for most positions.)You will be working closely with Lorraine and our Asst. Coordinator beginning July 1st to Aug. 15th. (dates flexible)

We have several short-term summer internships available. These are unpaid positions, but can be listed on your resume/Linkedin. We have revamped our high school student volunteer programs and are hoping to have everything fully in place by the start of the Fall semester. We need a bit more leadership help to get everything running smoothly.

We are seeking

  • 4 interns to be “house leaders”. These interns will help cheer the students in their virtual house to keep them on track so that they meet project deadlines.

  • 1 intern to help organize our new Cards2Warriors Plus program that connects a student to an illness warrior.

  • Up to 3 Interns to help us reach out to corporate sponsors for our Bright Futures Program so that we can provide cards, postage and t-shirts to our students.

  • 2 interns for social media planning (Must have prior experience.)

You can see updated information about our Bright Futures program here.

If interested, please complete our Volunteer Form and we’ll set a time to talk. 

Thanks for wanting to help us impact the lives of illness warriors worldwide!


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