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June 2021 Volunteer Wish List

Here’s our current list of volunteer needs! If one appeals to you, we’d be delighted for you to join us! We ask that if you apply for one of these specific volunteer positions, that you commit to volunteering for at least 12 months for continuity as we continue to grow! You can fill out our Volunteer Form here.

If you want a way to volunteer with less commitment, check out our Cards2Warriors Program.

  • Social Media Strategy/Planner

  • This person will know all aspects of social media strategy, planning, posting, etc. and will help us lay out a plan for the next 12 months. 

  • Assistant Student Volunteer Coordinator

  • This person will help our Student Coordinator with tracking new students, verifying their hours and completed projects, managing meetings, etc. Must be organized and love spreadsheets. 🙂 Perfect for a teacher or someone with experience managing teens.

  • Volunteer Coordinator

  • This person will be the point person for tracking projects and will coordinate between the main coordinators for each group of volunteers. Perfect for a project manager.

  • Card2Warriors Crew Coordinator

  • This person will keep track of the list of the recipients of our “snail mail love” and encouragement, and will coordinate with the crew members who send them out.

  • Cards2Warriors Card Coordinator (must live in Central FL)

  • This person will be responsible for coordinating the donor cards, both sending to volunteers and then sending to those who are ill and need support. 

  • PR/Media Relations

  • This person will have extensive experience working with journalists, media outlets, pitching articles, etc. and will help us expand our reach.

  • Word Press/ Gravity Forms Expert

  • This person will help us make additions to our site

  • SEO Expert

  • This person will make sure our keywords, tags, etc are up to date and optimized and advise on other ways to increase our SEO so that we can help more illness warriors!

  • Ambassador Team Lead

  • We have an incredible group of global ambassadors! This person will help us with communicating with them about tasks, cheering them on, and then following up. 

  • Social Club Community Co-Leader

  • This person will help coordinate our Social Club. We have volunteers and interns already helping, but we need a lead person to oversee it. They will be responsible for making sure posts are scheduled, supporting the group leaders, and overseeing the interactions.

  • Mail Chimp / Newsletter Assistant

  • This person should know MailChimp and will help create and send out our newsletters.

  • Fundraiser/Sponsorship

  • This person(s) should love networking and creating relationships with organizations that align with our mission in order to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Researcher

  • We have random research tasks and would love to have a couple of people who love digging in and finding contact information, the latest medical news, which companies to reach out to, etc.

  • Bright Futures Student Volunteers

  • If you’re a Florida High School Student check out our volunteer options here.

  • Writer

  • This person(s) will love writing articles and blog posts for our website, blog, Linkedin, guest posts, magazine features, etc.

  • Online Course Developer

  • This person will have experience putting together online training courses and will assist with projects we have in the works.

Thank you for your interest in joining our mission to support and connect illness Warriors worldwide!Please fill out our Volunteer Form here to apply to fill one of these positions! We’re excited to have you join us!


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