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Volunteer Wish List: Fall 2023

Here’s our current list of volunteer needs! If something appeals to you, we’d be delighted for you to join us! We ask that if you apply, that you commit to volunteering for at least 12 months for continuity as we continue to grow (health permitting, of course!). You can fill out our Volunteer Form here.

Most of our positions are open to volunteers worldwide and you can apply for more than one position if desired.

  • Fundraiser / Sponsorship

  • This person(s) should love raising funds for programs, networking and creating relationships with organizations that align with our mission in order to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Social Media assistants for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.

  • We are seeking several volunteers to assist our social media coordinator. You must be active on at least one social media platform, follow instructions for posting, and love to encourage others!

  • c2w Card Crew Members

  • Love making cards? Or writing and sending cards? Then, you’re probably an ideal fit for our Card Crew! We are seeking Card Crew members to send cards to our warriors and caregivers who are struggling and need extra encouragement! Crew members must commit to sending a minimum of one card per month. Open to volunteers world-wide.

  • Video Card Crew Members

  • We are seeking volunteers who enjoy making video messages from their phones to send to warriors in crisis and in need of quick support! You do NOT have to be on camera. Must commit to creating two video messages (60 sec) per month. Must use WhatsApp.

  • Ambassadors

  • We are seeking brand ambassadors to help share on social media, to thank our sponsors, to invite new participants, etc. Must use WhatsApp.

  • PR/Media Relations

  • This person will have extensive experience working with journalists, media outlets, pitching articles, etc. and will help us expand our reach. College students seeking internship position are welcome to apply.

  • Graphic Designer

  • This person will have graphic design skills and will help with various needs including graphics, flyers, information pdfs, coloring designs, etc.

  • Word Press Divi Expert

  • This person will help us with edits and additions to our website.

  • SEO Expert

  • This person will make sure our keywords, tags, etc are up to date and optimized and advise on other ways to increase our SEO so that we can help more illness warriors.

  • Researcher

  • We have random research tasks and would love to have a volunteer who loves digging in. Tasks include things like: finding contact information for potential sponsors, compiling spreadsheet lists of podcasts or media outlets, researching disease facts for awareness, etc.

  • Volunteer Coordinator

  • This person will be the point person for tracking projects and will coordinate between the main coordinators for each group of volunteers. Perfect for a project manager.

  • High School Student Volunteers

  • If you’re a High School Student, especially Florida students seeking Bright Futures volunteer positions, please apply here.

Thank you for your interest in joining our mission to support and connect illness Warriors worldwide!

Please fill out our Volunteer Form here to get the application process started! Be sure to comment on the form with what position(s) you are interested in doing. We’re excited to have you join us!


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