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Prickly Hug Card

This super cute, and super prickly card was designed by Jess and features two hugging cacti. Designed to bring cheer and support to our warriors who are going through an especially prickly, difficult time along their journey!

Prickly Hug Card featuring a photo of two cacti hugging.
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Meet the artist


My name is Jess, I’m 32 and I create greeting cards and other little works of art I’m inspired to. In 2016 I developed a rare migraine condition called New Daily Persistent Headaches (NDPH) which is a headache/migraine that starts out of the blue one day and never goes away. Art is my escape and has been a game changer for me. Whether you’re a fellow artist, a fellow chronically ill warrior like me, a sponsor, or simply a beautiful fan of art and life, I hope you’ll say hi.

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