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Something Spooky

How cute is this card?! Stephie has created another one of her adorable cats… this one is brewing up something special for all of our warriors this October! Stephie wanted to do a card that honored how tough living with an illness (or being part of the support team) can be on a warrior… and also to share her experience that with a few special ingredients, the concoction of life can be a bit more bearable… with magical moments sprinkled in!

That is our wish for each of you… that you find moments of love, hope and joy along your path!

Something Spooky card. Featuring a black cat with a purple witches hat, in front of a cauldron and potions.

This year has been HARD on so many of our warriors which is why we are brewing up something special JUST for YOU!
Our “treat” to you this October is a FREE special Joy event hosted by Denise Archilla, chronic live coach and joy specialist. (Don’t worry, no toxic positivity here! Just some real life tips to help you navigate with illness.)

The first event is on Halloween… Register now for one of the dates that work for you! Here’s the link to pick your day/time!

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Meet the artist


Stephie created this card with a cute vibe...because she knows that facing life with a long-term illness and rare disease can be a bit overwhelming and spooky. We KNOW that it’s tough and she thought she’d brew up a special concoction to help when the times get tough. She added special ingredients of Love, Joy and Hope to show that no matter what, you can persevere! We’ll be here cheering you on each step of the way!

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