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Spring Wishes 2024

As the seasons begin to change, the northern hemisphere is watching excitedly for trees to bud, seeds to sprout, and flowers to bloom.

Can't you just feel the joy and beauty of Spring in this card design created by our warrior artist, Jess? 
Inside, the sentiment "you got this" sums up what we believe about each of you. No matter the season, we will always champion and believe in YOU!

Special shout out to Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for generously donating seed packets that went out in each card! We can't wait to see what sprouts in your world this Spring!

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If you didn't receive a physical card this time, but would like some of our donated seeds, you can request some here! 🌱 (while supplies last)

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Meet the artist


My name is Jess, I’m 32 and I create greeting cards and other little works of art I’m inspired to. In 2016 I developed a rare migraine condition called New Daily Persistent Headaches (NDPH) which is a headache/migraine that starts out of the blue one day and never goes away, it’s there when you wake up, when you are asleep…always. 

Because of this, I was able to turn my love of art and my love of making greeting cards for friends and family into a small business. It’s been such a game changer to have art in my life again and to be able to share it with others. So whether you’re a fellow artist, a fellow chronically ill warrior like me, a sponsor, or simply a beautiful fan of art and life, I hope you’ll say hi.


Meet the Warriors who signed your card

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